gallery 48 {distance}


even if physical distance endures,
my heart connection with you lures.
our memories shared are in expanse,
translated in love every instance.

bridge the distance in Bella’s 52 Photos Project


6 thoughts on “gallery 48 {distance}

  1. We have had the opportunity to visit both WW 1 and 2 memorial sites in Belgium and the Netherlands. There truly is nothing more poignant than standing on such sacred ground and just to become still before God…

    1. hi there, thank you for sharing your beautiful memory with me. Bob and i were able to go to Bruges but maybe the memorial is not near there.

      this is a WW 2 memorial site in the Philippines specifically called the “American Cemetery”. the quiet and tranquil environs truly allow us to be still before the Lord … thank you for visiting. — APRIL

      1. The WW 1 memorials are close to Ieper. Look at my entry called “Christmas Truce”. There is a big American cemetery close to Maastricht which is awesome!

    1. hi Deborah, thank you for your encouragement … i was hesitant to use this for the prompt, but it just spoke to my heart to just go ahead with it since its a reality we have to accept with the Lord holding our hand when the distance is finally bridged. thank you for visiting — April

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