travel theme: bridges

A tale of two bridges …

This was a rickety bamboo bridge which led to a waterfall in the boondocks of the islands west of Manila. It was an unsteady walkway which wobbled making our hearts fretful. Yet, the experience was definitely a step of faith!


In contrast was the steadfast London Tower Bridge which stood as a magnificent engineering feat. With head held high and my heart thumping with excitement, I crossed the world-renowned bridge with pure confidence!

However these two bridges compare in structure and everything else, both answer one calling. No matter how rickety it is or how it is a tower of strength, bridges mainly connect one side to another bringing union and coming together of ideas, relationships, adventures and linking of gaps bridged and joint in harmony.


bridge friendships, join Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge!


10 thoughts on “travel theme: bridges

    1. hi Kz, thank you for your encouragement … bridges link, no matter how sublime or great they are. and i guess like us here in the blogsphere, our blogs are like bridges that cross barriers of culture and whatever differences we might have from each other 🙂 we should connect and be ONE world … sorry for the dramatic reply, i am just touched at how people in the community, like you, inspire me! thanks again, Kz 🙂

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