plying the islands: cape bojeador lighthouse in burgos, ilocos norte


The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is 160 meters atop the Vigia de Nagparitan hill in Burgos, Ilocos Norte almost 400 kilometers north of Manila. It is a splendid reminder of an engineering feat of a bygone era that spoke of Filipino pride. It sits majestic on a summit overlooking the Philippine Sea.



We traversed the spiral staircase that was rusty yet sturdy, and reached the pinnacle where the lantern room was located. However, there is now a modern lamp that is powered by solar panels which amazingly is still the powerful beacon that lights the safe travel of contemporary seafarers.


The view outside was breathtaking and the wind howled like it was shouting its greetings to us who seemingly disturbed the quiet of the summit.


The masonry spoke shabby but the rustic bricks added visual grace to the edifice and pavilion that was charmingly resplendent even in its obvious disrepair.


I have a penchant for lighthouses because of what it stands for. The beacon that lights a path is like a guiding hand, leading the lost to a beautiful hope. It can be a paltry metaphor for who God is in our lives, because HE is the only true power that lights our path into righteousness, giving HIM the glory HE alone deserves.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos iNorte:  Coordinates: 18°10′N 120°45′E / 18.167°N 120.75°E


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