travel theme: gaudy

Gold can be a great accent to anything simple. It adds sophistication to subtlety when done discreetly. However, in excess, gold can be gaudy beyond prudence … a very sad personal truth.


This can be justified for it is a window trimming at the Versailles; yet to me its still goes beyond the boundary of  intricacy.  And worse, this ceiling at the Venetian in Macau is pure flamboyance  — gaudiness at its height, both literally and figuratively!


razzle-dazzle Ailsa in her travel theme this week!


3 thoughts on “travel theme: gaudy

  1. True that. There’s a thin line between gaudy and gorgeous when it comes to gold. Have you seen Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto? I think it makes use of gold so wonderfully.

    1. oh hi, AJ! now that you mentioned it, i googled it and it is indeed resplendent! we have been to Japan years ago but was only for an overnight stay in Narita, our layover en route to the States. but Bob and i hope to visit Japan again and travel around, Lord willing 🙂 thanks, AJ for visiting again — April

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