a word a week: garden

Gardens are usually abloom in daylight when the sun drenches the flowers and other plant life with glorious warmth exposing their colors and beauty. However, a splendor of a garden can be rendered at night as well amidst the dark backdrop when the glow of lights and the somber shadows they bring highlight an atmosphere of peace and serenity.


Such was the beauty Bob and I were able to experience beyond our sight when we visited the Ruins in Bacolod City located in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. The historical ruins was aflame with lights giving an eerie but mystical dimension to a manicured garden which sent chills down our spine yet brought warmth to our joyful hearts.


please see other garden photos in Sue’s “a word a week challenge”


9 thoughts on “a word a week: garden

    1. kumusta? sana magkaron ka ng pagkakataon na mabisita mo rin ito … nakakaaliw ang tanawin, kakaiba at super awesome sya! salamat, balik ka ha?

      i plan to write something in Filipino as well. i read some of your posts and somehow, i’d like to do the same. i will just have to think of something interesting to write about. thanks again for visiting! — APRIL

      1. Hi April! Gusto ko nga magpunta dyan. Sa pagkakatanda ko, dinala nila ako dyan noong apat na taon pa lang ako…..paano ko naman maapreciate ang ganda ng tanawin non…ha ha ha….

        puro Tagalog ang aking sinusulat kasi mas komportable ako, hindi pa nosebleed. ha ha..

        salamat ulit sa pagshare ng magagandang larawan 🙂

        – Aisa

    1. hi there! it is easy to get to the RUINS because there are jeeps and trykes which can take you; and the locals are very helpful when you ask for directions. i remember that Bob and i rode the jeepney towards Silay, got down at the pepsi plant and from there, we asked around. just let them know that you plan to go to the RUINS.

      we did not see the sunset over the Ruins, which most people said should not be missed. please make sure though that you eat something prior to going there … just a friendly suggestion. you will be enthralled at taking photos and time would fly away fast!

      have a great adventure! i also went to Victoria towards the north, will post some photos soon!

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