gallery 42 {hearts}


my daughter’s heart she shapes in her hands,
so warm and true … without so much demands.
she is our beautiful heart princess,
who emulates love that is so priceless.

we miss her so because she resides,
down under our princess in her job abides.
i continue to  pray for her to live her life,
centered on God, her faith in HIM alive!

Gallery 42 of Bella’s 52 Photos Project is a place to share the random hearts you come across! 


14 thoughts on “gallery 42 {hearts}

    1. Hi Arnold! i miss her so … even though the world is smaller because of technology, we still miss the hugs and kisses. in fact we were just done talking with her on skype and somehow saying good night to her is not complete without our usual hugs and kisses!
      thank you for visiting and sharing with us the same sentiments. Blessings to you as well! — APRIL

    1. hi Daisy! thank you for your encouragement … praise God for technology, in this respect, i am so grateful! her stint is not too long though, she’ll be back soon. its just that we are so intensely close that we miss the hugs! God truly gifted us with a beautiful princess 🙂

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