a word a week: island


These were taken one morning in the northern part of the big island of the Philippines. The townspeople were up and about even before sunrise gathering the pebbles of the beach to sell in order to put food on the table.

I was amazed by their number stretching the coastal shores that it made me apprehensive that sooner or later they might finish off selling the pebbles!


I captured a very somber reality of how my people live off their lives in the rural areas. Though this IS reality, I uphold their resilience and perseverance for a very tough life. I remember seeing smiling faces and very welcoming warmth.

This is what we are made of in these islands … despite the hard life, we transcend and prevail.

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3 thoughts on “a word a week: island

  1. This breaks my heart because my home province in the north has been devastated too by people taking advantage of our natural resources. They quarry the sands and stones of our shores to make into hollow blocks and now everytime there is a storm or heavy rain our shores keeps eroding displacing so many people.

    1. hi Bebs, this is such a harsh reality … but again, who do we blame? let’s just pray that people will learn to love what God has created for us to enjoy, then somehow maybe order and change may take place. thank you for visiting and liking my stuff 🙂

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