tagged F … favorable fruits

tagged F

In March of 2010, almost three years ago was Bob’s and my fulfillment of a dream when our three kids went through each one’s commencement exercise. It was a tedious week when we had to prepare for three graduations, two from university and one from our homeschooling endeavor.

The FRUITS of our labor were such blessings that filled our hearts with festive thanksgiving and faithful love of God who had made our children’s successes truly a fulfillment of His FAVOR.

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7 thoughts on “tagged F … favorable fruits

    1. hi Mary, honestly? so am i! but please don’t ask the year i graduated, although, the time that i did still had its original name which i fancy better than what it is called today … good thing that they did not call us “katipuneras”! April

      1. lol…I know po!! I heard the story about the naming process – it was a “painful” one according to my prof! At least the new name (the one I graduated with) is better indeed than the K word…hahaha…

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