love bites: Cafe Lidia … a homey, hearty haven of good food


A nondescript restaurant in a little town east of Manila where life is quiet and unpretentious … where neighbors are distant relatives in the 4th and even 5th degrees! The choices of cuisine in Cafe Lidia are tastefully thought of, delectably seasoned and delicately prepared; certainly, a hearty haven of good food.


Bob ordered this scrumptious Caesar’s Salad … its simplicity elevated to a gourmet dining experience. It was made with crisp Romaine leaves, relished with freshly emulsified egg with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) dressing hinting of lemony flavor, topped with newly made crusty croutons and crunchy bacon … of course, not missing out on the freshly grated Parmesan cheese as a final compliment!


Our older son is a carnivore who has a penchant for anything meat. And as soon as he saw the Salpicao on the menu, without much as a blink, he asked if he can have this for dinner. The dish was tenderly cooked beef, seasoned just perfect with enough garlic flavor. And not too much oozing butter and oil, just enough to enhance the savory taste of soy and garlic combined. Although, the serving was relatively small, it remains to be bookmarked as a dish to be re-ordered.


We are a family who dotes on cheeses … in their “rotten” state, cooked over and with anything and most especially on pizza; thus, varieties of formaggio on one whole crust are always a satisfying treat! The whole gang loved the cheese pizza, its crust was evenly baked, no seared areas (hate black singes, would taste burnt, don’t you think?), red sauce had enough tart, unfortunately, it needed more mozzarella (i think, they were stingy on the cheese) and Bob tasted garlic to be overcooked. Overall, it was delish, a round two is in the offing!


Our youngest has a sweet tooth, very much my side of the family, and he needed a sugar fix immediately; very much like his older brother, he didn’t blink a wink to hesitate to order this concoction and drank it to his heart content. I am guessing that it was one superb brew … chocolate and all!


7 thoughts on “love bites: Cafe Lidia … a homey, hearty haven of good food

    1. hi Gracie … oh yes, they cook good food which are very reasonably priced! if you remember your Manila geography, it is located in Marikina (the country’s shoe capital). saw your own iphonenography challenge, Gracie, would love to join but i don’t have an iphone and i do not take photos with my own mobile per se. but here’s to hoping a great response and meaningful ones for your collaboration with your other blogger friends!

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