thought snippet twenty-three {keeping a promise}


Ecclesiastes 5 verse 5 says :

“It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it.”

There are times when we say things in order to pacify the heart of a loved one and not intentionally being truthful. This happens because we think it can bring happiness and assurance that a promise is made.

But how committed are we really in accomplishing a promise or a vow?

It is important to work at fulfilling a promise because this builds trust that makes human relationships bloom into a beautiful, faithful and loving commitment.

In our society today, ties are severed because of broken promises. When shallow commitments minus truthfulness are randomly uttered in order to resolve issues, condemn a mistake or tickle the ear of the receiver … a pending disappointment is in the offing.

In order to release us from this heartache, our life should be transformed into the image of Jesus in the truth of God. Because if we allow this to happen in our lives through the Spirit, our testimony will speak volumes of our commitment not burdened with promises that we may not be able to keep.


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