even if …

even if

No one can truly point out a true description of what one may think of who I am exactly. Not one mortal relationship can fathom my own person. Yet, there is One who can truly peel away the layers of time and experiences that envelop me and see the real heart of my being.

Only God can feel and touch the love, joy, fear and hope engraved in my heart with true remembrance. Only God can lift the encumbrance of pain my heart has trampled on both of my own doing and socially inflicted. Only God can relate to the sickness of my heart which refuses to be in complete obedience to His love; yet, He pursues intimacy even if I desert Him. Only God sees me for who I am.

I am humbled that however lowly I am compared to His glorious being, He picks me up and places me in the contours of His arms and loves me like I have never been loved before.

Even if I forget, He remembers.

Even if I leave, He pursues.

Even if I sin, He forgives.

I am nothing without Him. Only God can make me whole. He fills the void nothing else will ever suffice. Only God can complete my imperfections when the right moment comes. Only God can truly know who I am because of who He is in my life. I am because of HIM.

Even if I am who I am, I am still … HIS.


4 thoughts on “even if …

    1. hi Gil, thank you for visiting my blog … i am praying that i will continue to give God glory as HE allows me to write for Him. Bob says “HI!” and is sending his regards … praise God for you!

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