travel theme: walls


These are very massive walls of adobe of an ancient church in Paoay, north of the big island of Luzon in the Philippines.  These walls have withstood a number of earthquakes and have kept the church intact throughout these years.

Our faith has to be this stronghold that can make us steadfast in the many trials and challenges of life.  Through the strength of the Lord and the empowerment of His spirit that stand as walls that we can depend on to rest our weary souls and discouraged hearts, we can overcome the storms that hurdle our growth and protect us from tumbling down into a rubble of despair.

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4 thoughts on “travel theme: walls

    1. hi Imelda, thank you for dropping by. this place is opposite yours from the south (i remember you saying that you were from Batangas). but when you get home, i hope you can go visit the Northern provinces, there are so many cool places (historical ones) to discover and the islands have comfortable accommodations scattered around already!

      please do tell when you are home 🙂

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