gallery 40 {black & white}


if the world were lacking in color … i shun to imagine …

praise God that HE is indeed omniscient, that HE gifted us with colors beyond black and white so we can joyfully experience the beauty of HIS creation not limiting our finite imagination …

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14 thoughts on “gallery 40 {black & white}

    1. thank you, Ryan! i had a lot of choices for this particular challenge, and i am glad i made the right one as a lot had very encouraging thoughts on this particular capture. thank you for visiting!

    1. hi Gracie, thank you for the compliment. i am amazed at how the perspective changed when i edited its hues into b&w, it indeed looked more aesthetically pleasing and again, thank you for appreciating how it turned out!

  1. I like your black and white photo. Sometimes black & white photography helps highlight things we’d normally overlook. But I’m so glad God chose such gorgeous colors all over creation! 🙂

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