thought snippet twenty-one {cup}


Mark 14 verse 36:

“Abba, Father.” He cried out, “Everything is possible for you, please take this cup of suffering away from me, yet I want your will be done, not mine.”

We have our fears but when they strike us and paralyze us making us seem under their clutches, immobile and undiscerning — we should call unto the Father most immediately. Jesus Himself went through such an experience but showed us that His resolve was to call onto the Father, and we should do the same.

When we approach God, we should also specify our fear as we open our heart to Him. It will relieve the burden and transform the moment as a loving tribute when we experience the compassion and faithfulness of the Father, especially when we are accepting of what the will of God is for our life. Our trust will pacify our fears because we know that He is with us always. We should never be afraid to enter our own “Gethsemanes” because we will never be alone.


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