plying the islands: baguio basics

baguio1This is the welcome sign that banters the tired body from the long haul of road travel implying the last leg of the journey up the mountains of the Cordilleras. It hails travelers a warning to be more alert at the approaching steep climb through the infamous Kennon Road zigzag.


After an hour of ascent, one sees the zigzag view from this point hinting an accomplished driving feat!


The Camp John Hay Manor is our favorite Baguio address that spells H-E-A-V-E-N. We are always pampered with much lavishness that going home becomes a dreaded reality.


In the years that we have visited the haven in the skies, we have gone to most of the interesting sights to see. On our way to a food locale, an old tribal lady caught our eye and we just had to get down the car to take her photograph. We were amazed that she asked us to pay her $.50 (Php20) for the portrait. In frustration, we yielded to her demand because she was indeed an interesting subject. Although I hope that this practice does not get passed on to her descendants.


The Baguio Cathedral is one recognized landmark in the central area of the city.  That one glorious morning when we were out early to take photos, I was blessed with azure skies and beautiful lighting; thus, a delightful capture was such a gift.

Baguio Coordinates:  16.417°N 120.6°E


5 thoughts on “plying the islands: baguio basics

  1. Great photos! I love it 🙂
    i always dream of one day coming over to this place. but, maybe, it’s not yet time. Plans were made out already, but can’t execute it. office works is the issue 😦

    update: Baguio and the rest of Benguet are experiencing a very cold temp. lately. reaching to as low as 9 degree Celsius.


    1. hi Mel, i am sure you will find the time to come over the big island … and Baguio is definitely a good place to go. Manila temps have been dipping lately, and have been enjoying it! and btw, thanks for liking my photos, very encouraging indeed.

      i hope you can find time to relax … best regards as well!

  2. These are amazing photos, April. It’s been a long time since I last set foot on Baguio, and your photos just makes me want to hop on a plane and go…

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