weekly image of life: weekend


It was the New Year’s weekend when we went up the Cordillera mountains north of the big island where Baguio is. This is a well-loved respite haven for lowlanders like us because it has a very cool climate. Likewise, our family has set a tradition to spend the eve of the New Year away from home and Baguio had been our family’s choice most of the time.


Our kids are grown and I know in my heart that someday soon they would want to indulge on their own with the person God will bless them with. It saddens me just thinking about it, but the thought that there will be more hearts to love and more “alone” time with my Bob somehow eases the angst of this reality.


The weekend was another “Ohana” moment where the family melded together celebrating the year that was with the outpouring of personal stories of work, school and home life. Bob led the family into a devotion time wherein the sharing of experiences made each one learn and understand that we need to continue supporting one another with the gift of time and love centered on God’s amazing grace.

sharing a beautiful weekend with the family
as inspired by this man’s journey


5 thoughts on “weekly image of life: weekend

  1. You and Bob’s faith and spiritual journey with God inspires me everytime. I grew up in a closely knit family and religion plays a large role in everything that we did. Somehow moving to America took a lot of those priceless gifts my family and culture gave me. I am slowly trying to go back and reclaim the joys of my faith particularly now that my son is growing up. Our church has Christian education on Sundays but that is not enough. I got him a child’s Bible which we read at night. I was so happy when he memorized the “Our Father.” Beautiful and fun post. God bless you and your family.

    1. hi Gracie, thank you , i am truly blessed with a loving husband and three adorable kids … still think of them as such … a mom’s privilege which i claim till the end 😉

      God bless you, Gracie!

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