tagged C … cool cologne


“Eau de Cologne” was the brand name tagged by Italian perfumer Giovanni Maria Farina for his scented concoction launched in 1709 after his new hometown of Cologne in Germany;  which is now a known global perfume generic, simply, COLOGNE.

N○ 4711 is the address of the perfume factory where the first cologne was manufactured; thus, it was the same name given to this famous Eau de Cologne. It was a very cold winter morning when Bob and I walked the town square of Cologne in search of this teal-colored and gold trademark after alighting from the Thaly’s traveling from the City of Light for a day of adventure in the city on the Rhine.

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6 thoughts on “tagged C … cool cologne

    1. hi Elizz, oh no, i didn’t buy any, but then we were able to sample some and smell it. from what i remember, it was citrusy hinting orange blossoms … i have a friend who still uses it and says she just loves it!

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