ending the treasure hunt …


Made whole. Made full. Made complete.

What treasure do you think completes us? Is it the lover of our youth that we are married to? Are these our children who are gifts that make up the family? Or is it the job that brings esteem and kick to a life otherwise resembling a lackluster routine?

Remember the first love; how it has brought a skip to one’s stride … how it has brought gleeful smile to one’s heart … how every second seemed an eternity when one is not around.

Remember the first, the second or the third birth of a newborn child; how it has evoked both excitement and fear, yet, it certainly brought joy to one’s heart. How every first smile, word and step brought so much pride to a parent’s soul.

Remember the first job promotion, then, another and yet another. How it has fulfilled dreams … how it has lifted esteem for oneself and how every rung up the ladder brought success and honor to a worker’s vision.

Did any one of them, beyond doubt, complete us? Give us a contentment of purpose, not anymore groping, hoping or coping senselessly to whatever was and whoever is?

The treasures we think complete us, remain to be beyond our reach. We try so hard to remain steadfast in the marriage, yet the imperfections of an otherwise deficient first love send us to find fulfillment on another imperfect love or pastime or job challenges. To someone unmarried, the reality to find a true love, year after year sends one to yearn and hope and fail to understand why he has not come at all.

The treasures we think complete us, fail to complete us. Do we think living in a well-provided household, children never leaving home and a job fulfilling ambition could fill up a yearning desire for wholeness? When one broken soul is left empty to yearn for something that cannot be filled by temporal things, how can it complete one’s life?

The treasures we think complete us, entangle us. We try so hard to hang on to memories of love, thoughts and dreams, making them the focus of our hearts. At other times, we are so complacent with life that we stop to live it … we go through the motion of living and forgetting to impact the lives of others. This is a reality so diminishing of purpose; it repels to the very core.

What treasure then can complete us? No matter how corruptible we are as a person because of our sinfulness, only JESUS CHRIST is the treasure that will complete us.

In Ephesians 3 verse 19 it says:

“May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.”

He is our treasure that is attainable because He will never be beyond our reach. He is our treasure that is infallible because He will never fail to complete us. And He is our treasure that is dependable because He has freed us from the bondage of sin. Our spouses, children, jobs, health and other blessings are all gifts that we should be thankful for but not the reasons that will ever make us whole.

Christ alone completes us because He should be our first love, the true fulfillment of our hopes and dreams and the power that allows us to love others as well.

Simply, in Christ, we are complete. Jesus completes us. He makes us whole.


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