travel theme: glass

Two of my distinct visions of glass that spoke sophistication and artistry have emanated from the ceilings of two beautiful infamous addresses.


The first is the Fiori di Como by glass sculpture Dale Chihuly which has 2,000 pieces of glass-blown blossom pieces permanently affixed at the Bellagio lobby in Las Vegas. The colorful blast of glass is the sculptor’s interpretation of Italian flowers in spring.


The hovering masterpiece brought so much warmth in my heart as I saw the play of hues as an enticing welcome to a beautiful vacation ahead.

The second is the crystal glass chandeliers at the ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors in the Versailles Palace in the suburb of Paris.


Walking down the grand passageway amidst the mirrors, the opulence of the chandeliers and gilded wall appliques made me go back in time when royalties plied the hallways in regalia. The experience likewise warmed my heart, as the somber and cold winter numbed my bones.

These two visions have been glorious memories etched in my soul and clearly “reflected” the gracious provisions of God which I am eternally grateful for.

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10 thoughts on “travel theme: glass

    1. hi Elizz, they truly are beautiful! i feel so blessed for the privilege of being able to see them personally … and i would like to share the heartfelt moments of each experience whenever given a chance … you are most welcome!

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