weekly photo challenge: illumination


I have this infamous edifice captured in countless frames and every time I view them, they transport me back to that moment when I first set my eyes on it. Thankfully, there have been beautiful opportunities to highlight the Colosseum in my posts so I can share my joy with you.

The illumination of the arched windows gave that defining mystical glow which emphasized its character of history and antiquity. I was an art student and so when I saw the Colosseum before me, my heart was illumined with so much delight and pleasure, it took my breath away. I am so thankful to God for allowing Bob and me the privilege to see this glorious structure; but the time in the Eternal City was short, we were not able to see its grandeur in the light of day!

share a photo that means “illumination” to you!


18 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: illumination

  1. That is one mystical, breathtaking , unforgettable vision of the colloseum at night. Just amazing! It does makes you appreciate the blessings of simply being there watching a priceless reminder of the past in person.

  2. As you’ve described the light streaming from the arched windows, I don’t think you’d be blessed with such a romantic view in daylight. 🙂

    1. hi AJ! yes, you are so right 😉 i try to keep tab of my blessings and forget to be content, thank you for the reminder. have a great day ahead, and thank you for finding time to visit!

    1. thank you Colline. Bob and i couldn’t contain ourselves from just staring at this grandeur, we both snapped until our camera batteries conked out on us 😉 we were both awestruck!

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