tagged B … banana blossoms


This is a tropical flora that gives the eyes a feasting of color and cheerfulness. It does not breed the typical banana fruit but the plant is basically ornamental.

We were on our way to a road trip when this caught my attention so I asked Bob to give me a few minutes to immortalize its beauty. The sun was nearly rising on the horizon so the warmth glow complimented the vibrant hues of the Blossoms.


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6 thoughts on “tagged B … banana blossoms

    1. hi Frizz! this is a very tropical thing … bananas favor our climate. did you know that these blossoms that grow into the fruit are edible, but its flavor is actually an acquired taste. although i must admit they are delicious. as i mentioned, this particular banana blossoms are ornamental, there is a different variety that breeds the banana fruits 😉
      — April

    1. hi Elizz … thank you for your encouragement as always. when i saw this, i knew i just had to take a photo of it. the pink colors seem to be rare because i keep seeing the red variety. this is not the usual “puso ng saging” (heart of palm) that we are accustomed to, though.

      thank you for visiting 🙂

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