weekly image of life: wish list for 2013


Find true comfort and contentment every moment.

  • The Lord has brought my family to a “place” where we have to find reliance in HIM alone. The picture of 2013 would seem bleak if there is no fulfillment for things wanted rather than sufficiency on things provided as needs. Today, our family is one in discovering true joy even if our desires are relegated to remain as dreams. Because in our weakness we find sufficiency in God alone.


Learn to accept “NO” for an answer … to a prayer, to a request, to a plan, or to a dream.

  • God’s ways are not mine, nor are HIS thoughts. Therefore, acceptance of an unanswered prayer, a foiled plan, an unheeded request or a broken dream is knowing and understanding what God’s will is for my life.


Have a grateful heart … always.

  • In everything, we are commanded to give thanks. This is a mighty feat, but when put into practice, a thankful disposition will hinder any pain or frustration from becoming a reality. Wisdom from gratitude will result to forgiveness, faith, joy, self-control, and love most importantly.


Worry less and trust more in Christ alone.

  • Each one is a snippet of a whole forming the big family of God. So why should we be anxious of uncertainties when we belong to the truth of our Father in heaven. We should therefore rely on God’s power who holds our life steadfast in the palm of HIS hand and live a life worthy of HIS calling.


Love unconditionally.

  • We are able to love because HE loved us first. Let us uphold our heart to be like HIS in dealing with our family, friends and even strangers and showing them the testament of God’s amazing love and grace, regardless.

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3 thoughts on “weekly image of life: wish list for 2013

  1. Wishes that I hope to experience in my life as well as hope and pray for those who needed them the most in this world. “We should therefore rely on God’s power who holds our life steadfast in the palm of HIS hand and live a life worthy of HIS calling.” It is so easy to be lost in this world. Chaos, hardships, sadness, materialism, greed are just a few of the many distractions that takes our attention to what is real and essential. Today, you reminded us of what’s real and what’s meaninful. Contentment, faith, gratitude, love, these are secrets to a heart that is happy and at peace. God bless you and your family always. Thank you for sharing generously. Wishing you an amazing New Year.

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