weekly photo challenge: my 2012 in pictures

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these are some moments in time  that best described my year that was.  although there have been myriads of these experiences, i am sharing some beautiful snippets of these captured images that reflect my grateful heart to the Lord who has allowed me these.

Pick the best pictures from your 2012 and have those pictures tell everyone about your year.


11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: my 2012 in pictures

      1. yes it is..i have seen pictures from my friends who travelled to the island and i am captivated with its beauty. We suppose to go there last year but sadly because of bad weather that hit philippines in July, we cancelled the plan.

    1. hi Jo, thanks for dropping by.

      your photo appeared on my sidebar because i clicked on “like” for your photo challenge entry, and since it was a slideshow, WP puts in your photo 🙂

      please click on “WIDGETS” and choose “posts i like” and drag onto the SIDEBAR. i am hoping that this feature is available on your theme.

      i hope i am able to help 🙂

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