thought snippet seventeen {truth}


John 17, verse 17 says

“make them holy by YOUR truth; teach them YOUR word, which is truth.”

The New Year is hours away and this is a good time to reflect on how best to approach it with joy in our hearts.

Firstly, I offer God my profound thanksgiving with abundant love for sustaining, protecting, providing and strengthening me for the year passed. It had been a trying moment in my family life; yet, by God’s amazing grace, we came out of it with body and spirit intact, resilient and content niched in the loving embrace of the Lord.

Secondly, I continue to desire to know HIM more intimately by learning HIS truth through His Word and the counsel of godly people He has given me as friends and family. And in its course, inspire me to serve HIM more.

Finally, as follower of Christ, sanctified (set apart) in HIS truth, I pray that I will consistently uphold HIS Word and obey HIS statutes. In this manner will I be able to witness to those who yet have to believe and accept that Jesus IS the ONLY WAY of TRUTH.


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