thought snippet sixteen {desire}


God is the giver of my heart’s desire.

Psalm 21, verse 2 says: “Thou hast given him his heart’s desire and thou hast not withheld the request of his lips.”

Thank you, Lord, that you give me what you think should be right for me beyond what I even think is good for me. I should learn to accept the fact that what I ask or desire is not what I should have because You alone know what I should ask for in the first place. Thank you for always looking after me, and making me realize that I should be content with what I have because I actually do not deserve anything.

Psalm 37, verse for says: “ Delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart.”

It is never hard to delight in the Lord because HE is everything I am not. Knowing HIM intimately through His Word allows me the desire to want to be with Him moment by moment being assured that all will be well with my life regardless the circumstance. I should always be reminded that delighting in the presence of God will give contentment to my restless soul making me steadfast in God’s faithfulness.

May I glorify Him in all that I do, desire and dream for because I want to give Him back the joy He blesses me with today and for always …


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