plying the islands: shores of pundaquit, zambales


There are more spectacular beaches in the islands but this comes to mind as uniquely picturesque because of the mountain range framing its backdrop.


The majestic Mount Pundaquit stands at attention as if a serious sentinel guarding the shoreline.


Although pundaquit is a fishing village more than a seaside resort, the fisher folks are very hospitable and efficiently obliging to our needs and queries. It is an environment where Filipino warmth is candidly shared.


The shores of pundaquit is the access to beautiful coves minutes away by pump boat. The excitement commences here as one waits for the boat to arrive after haggling with the fishermen who moonlight as “tour guides”.


It is not the usual white sandy beaches the islands are known for; yet, it continues to draw myriads of city visitors because pundaquit is the gateway to the many other quiet islets and coves awaiting to be explored and discovered.

Pundaquit, Zambales Coordinates:  14° 55′ 7″ N, 120° 3′ 54″ E


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