gallery 35 {roads I travel}


every time our family on the road ventures out,
strangers we meet extend kindness without doubt.
in peaceful and friendly camaraderie,
their charming grins and sweet smiles give us glee.
the roads in the islands near or far,
bring heart moments of peace with love at par.

hoping to meet more strangers who share my world  through Bella’s 52 Photos Project


2 thoughts on “gallery 35 {roads I travel}

    1. hi bella, this was taken on our way home from one of our family roadtrips in the northern part of the Philippines.

      Bob and i decided to take a longer route home so the kids will see the rural lifestyle and beauty of the countryside. in one of our turns, when we thought we were getting lost, we saw this “exodus” of sorts. these farmers were done harvesting or threshing rice and were on their way home as well. if you notice one lady farmer flailing her arms, it was her way of responding to our “hello’s” and seeing me about to take their photo. it clearly shows how we Filipinos are a friendly and happy lot!

      thank you for allowing us a venue to share our heart’s thrusts and thoughts with your creative prompts. your encouragements through your comments allow me to look forward to them every week. i pray that i will continue to finish the galleries until then.

      have a happy and blessed NEW YEAR, Bella!

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