in love with memories: slinging Singapore without BOB


I remember it to be fun yet lacking in luster as I spent five days in Singapore without Bob. Although it was a beautiful bonding moment with our only daughter, Abby, the days of adventure was tinged with a pinch of pain whenever Bob’s absence was felt.


It was my third time to visit this tiny island in Southeast Asia, and the gaps were always ten years apart. So each time I set foot in Singapore, varied progress and change take my breath away.


My daughter and I had gifts of awesome provision; including a sumptuous dinner at the Marina Bay Sands in the restaurant of Wolfgang Puck aptly called “CUT” which served delectable steaks! This was an awesome gift for Abby’s birthday, generously given by our cousin Ellen.


As I write this, I am praying that Bob and I can return to Singapore again. His first time was my second and it was for work. Thus, if my prayer will be answered, I will be the willing and able guide for my Bob sharing with him experiences and moments bonding in the presence of God … slinging Singapore sweetly!


But i will always lovingly remember in my heart the days i spent with my sweet daughter who i refuse to let go as my little princess … she will remain as such today and for always.



2 thoughts on “in love with memories: slinging Singapore without BOB

  1. Your daughter is beautiful, and I so love it that you style yourself “Bob’s wife”. A wonderful new year to you and many thanks for doing me the honour of following.

    1. hi Jo, she takes after her father, and thank you for your kind encouragement. i thought i was already following you awhile back, then i saw that i wasn’t … so i immediately clicked “follow” … looking forward to a NEW YEAR with you 🙂 glad to meet you, Jo, i am APRIL or simply “BOB’s wife.

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