thought snippet fourteen {priority}


As we wake up, we get into the mold of our life to continue from where we left off the day before. We involve ourselves with the routine of responsibilities believing they will make life better in terms of the world’s leanings. In this light, we forget the essentials of God which specify true transformation.

In Jonah 2, verse 7, as he was deep in the belly of the big fish, he cried “while I was fainting away, I remembered the Lord.”

Let us not put ourselves into deep troubles, frustrations, tiredness, and desperate situations before we snap out of it and remember the Lord. HE should not be our last priority or a second thought way out.

The Lord should be our true source of all that we are and not forget that. The essence of our life should focus on God’s sovereignty, center on God’s love and pivot on God’s righteousness.

In HIM alone is true salvation, our utmost priority.


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