plying the islands: trees of anawangin, zambales


As we approached the cove, the beauty of the island with its pine trees as if summoning us, astounded our senses with untainted happiness — transcending peace in God’s comfort.

The sight of Anawangin from a distance brought a sensation of contradictions. It was exhilarating yet calming, it was real yet inexplicable, and it was beautiful yet mysterious; but it truly spoke of God’s resplendent beauty and goodness.


The intriguing pine trees strewn around the shores of Anawangin in Zambales tugged at my heart with a deep thrill. We were told that the lowland pine cones were spewed out by the eruption of the Pinatubo volcano which proliferated on the Anawangin shoreline.


It is not typical foliage in any island beach but a very interesting and beautiful blooming occurrence substituting the usual palm or coconut trees. Likewise evoking a foreign landscape depicting nothing Filipino; yet the perspective is one beauty that translates unity of imagination and reality.


Anawangin is a good 30 minutes by pump boat from the Pundaquit area of San Antonio in Zambales. It could be a bumpy ride as the waters link out to an open sea. But the risk involved surpasses the rewarding splendor of the trees of Anawangin.

Anawangin, Zambales Coordinates:  14°52’43″N 120°4’8″E


3 thoughts on “plying the islands: trees of anawangin, zambales

  1. Wonderful photos, April. I’ve never been to this paradise, but I’ve heard of it’s unpretentious beauty so many times. Definitely a place I would visit next time I’m in town.

    1. definitely, Gracie! i am told that anawangin has had major tourist visits recently, thus, losing its rustic charm. but there are more places to venture in the area where they have remained untouched … although they are farther off. they remain to be good sources of inspiration for photographic interludes!

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