thought snippet thirteen {confidence}


Zechariah 4, verse 6: “… it is not by force, nor by strength, but by my spirit, says the Lord of heaven’s armies.”

Many times we rely on ourselves to endure in this life, absolutely confident on our own strength and power to achieve, to sustain, to conquer or simply, to live. And we forget that we have finite means, abilities and understanding to be able to remain independent in these endeavors.

Our short-sightedness results worthless achievements. Because when we do things on our own, we are surely headed to fail. It has been promised that it is only by the Spirit of the Lord God that anything of value is accomplished.

Trust only in God who will allow us to be able to fulfill our dreams and desires. Let our faith arise as a beaming hope and unfailing inspiration that through HIM all things are possible.

Be confident on God alone!


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