love bites: go, great! Bistro 98

I have neglected to write about our lunch dates, and I am somewhat aggrieved by it because there have been quite a few done with matching great memories. We have managed to sneak in a few but time had been too short recently because of the errands for the holidays that I have not updated my stories.

bistro2Bistro 98 was a pleasant surprise when Bob and I chanced upon this simple café as we scouted around for a sweet dating place. We were suppose to have a sumptuous buffet date but God delivered us at the doorstep of these three young chefs whose culinary prowess have evolved into master chef caliber — at least by Bob’s and my standards — in their very young age.

Entering the bistro will not send shivers to your creative or artsy spine because there is nothing that will thrill the senses. Neither will there be a home ambiance that will tug at your heart but a shrill and very warm voice in a chef’s uniform will indeed welcome you and assure you a unique and young culinary feasting.


Bob and I shared two paté specialties on foccacia bread which was served on-the-house while we waited for our salad and entrée. Both were delectably creamy and delightful.


The vinaigrette on our crisp greens was prepared with precise blending of sweetness and tartness bursting luscious flavors together. And the addition of segments of peaches and tomatoes complimented a pleasant salad experience.


The pulled pork sandwich, again on foccacia bread, was marinated in a well-blended combination of sweet and savory sauce and stewed delicately making the meat fibers tenderly succulent. There were side treats of potato chips, a pickle and greens dressed with a creamy Caesar concoction! It was a piece of heaven which is making me crave for it now.

Bob and I went overboard, we decided on dessert.


And it was a great finale to a feast. The light brownie was baked to perfection and was not too sweet at all and the vanilla ice cream with a touch of chocolate syrup added much zing to a delightful indulgence!


4 thoughts on “love bites: go, great! Bistro 98

    1. hi there, Imelda … aww, i guess you have to try going on a date more often and i know you have little ones to take care of. but really, once a year? anyway, i am hoping you’ll indulge better 😉

      1. Yes, once a year, during our anniversary. My in-laws come down from Maine to babysit the children. It is hard to get a trustworthy babysitter and right now, I am not comfortable leaving the children with strangers. We have no family near us. When my husband and I have our date, we feel odd being just by ourselves in the car, although we enjoy the time out. 🙂

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