in love with memories: one day … far, far away


Bruges is a medieval city suspended in time.

Walking its cobblestone pathway will transport anyone in time past, yet immediately awakened by the truth of today upon seeing interspersed in the ancient edifices springing modern concepts of human weaknesses — shopping and tourism.


It was the beginning of winter when we went to visit so the canals were not bustling with little boats afloat traversing the renowned waterways. It was a missed opportunity, yet I wish that someday, Bob and I will be allowed a summer day to be able to do so.



4 thoughts on “in love with memories: one day … far, far away

  1. One of my absolute favorite places in Europe – when I lived n Dover, UK – I visit Burgess at least once every month. A reality escape for a couple of time each time. Good for all senses.

  2. You have a beautiful daughter with an amazing , happy smile. Yes, it’s never the same when our spouse are not around during our trips. It seems that something is missing. Wonderful pictures.

    1. thank you, Mr. B! i am praying that i can go back to Singapore with Bob. we have been there years ago as i joined him when he was sent there for some seminars … would love to go back and just have plain travel fun with him!

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