a weekly image of life: Christmas surprise


Christmas has always been the season that reawakens the kid in each one of us because of the memories it brings. For us in the islands, Christmas commences when the “ber” months begin and the celebration and soul of the season endures longer than a two year old can spell “CHRISTMAS” … but that is inevitably an exaggeration, I was just stressing my point.

In my youth, Christmas carols used to dominate the radio air waves when September set in, the tree (recyclable in the plastic sense) is freed from storage and whimsically decorated with ornaments from Christmas past and gifts are strewn under the tree mostly tagged for the youngest member of the family. After all, Christmas as they say, is truly a kid’s day of delightful surprises.

As I grew older and shied away from the revelry of Christmas, I started to marvel at the true meaning of the season. And the essence tugged deep in my heart with the understanding that Christmas is never only about gifts, celebration, sumptuous food arrays or charitable inclinations.

The real reason for Christmas is the birth of the Savior heralding the fulfillment of a divine prophecy that reigned in victory.

This truth is not a secret nor in this respect, a surprise. Because this is the heart of Christmas that each one should sincerely reflect upon and accept.

Let our faith transcend amazement, BELIEVE!

continue to be inspired by This Man’s Journey which is filled with his love for his wife and son


6 thoughts on “a weekly image of life: Christmas surprise

  1. There is no comparison to the passion of the people of the islands during Christmas time which do start during the “Ber” months till end of January. One of my wish list? A Christmas in the Philippines one day. The last I had was 2002. We don’t realize some of our priceless blessings until we no longer have it and one of them for me is Christmas in the Philippines. God bless and wishing you and your family all the joys this Christmas and everyday. Thanks.

    1. Hi IT! you and Gracie have been missing Christmas from here. i likewise extend the same invitation to you (please read my reply on Gracie’s comment) … have a blessed Christmas, Mr. B.

    1. thank you, Garcie. well, i guess its your cue to come home and visit. and i pray that when you do, we can arrange to meet up! that sent such a sweet tug in my heart … will await your confirmation 😉

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