weekly photo challenge: changing seasons

There are only two main changes of season that happen in my country. And it had been my dream to see how the different four seasons come about in other parts of the world.

My dream had been fulfilled by God’s amazing grace, so please allow me to share my moments with you as I saw the season changes in different global locations. As I put this whole concept together, I am completely (and always will be) in awe of God’s love and likewise, grateful for HIS provision.

summer in the PHILIPPINES

summer in the phils

fall in LAS VEGAS

fall in vegas

winter in PARIS

winter in Paris

spring in HONGKONG

spring in hongkong

share your heart’s interpretation of CHANGING Seasons for this Week’s Photo Challenge


25 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: changing seasons

    1. hi there, thank you for sharing your thoughts. and yes, that is the Gardens of Versailles … being born and raised in the tropics enchant my fancy of winter. and i am praising God that HE has allowed me the privilege to experience it.

      thank you for dropping by … APRIL

      1. Speeking of Changing seasons. On an autumn day I’m responding to a person who’s name refers to Spring, … fancies winte born in a place where it’s always summer. Isn’t that fantastic?

        Kind regards from Dauw and thanks for answering my question

    1. hi, IT! we spent our summer in Zambales, northeastern part of the islands. you’ll be surprised that people from all over come to our shores to take on surfing. one place Bob and i plan to visit is down south in Siargao where they really take on serious surfing and “cloud 9” waves rival those of the Hawaiian coast! way too cool, huh?

    1. hi Elizabeth, God’s graciousness has to be shared with everyone. it is bob’s and my desire to be able to thank HIM every time and i feel that this is a good venue to be able to do so. i am sure that your husband’s travels and his “kwentos” open your life to the same moments.

      1. oh yes, he’s been to different countries all over the world and has a lot of stories to share with me and i wish he’ll be totally interested in taking photos.. if only i’m in his place, i’ll be surely bringing along my camera and click endlessly..

    1. hi Eliz, i was so lost in thinking as to how i can best interpret this challenge since there are no significant season changes in the Philippines. then, the idea caught me with my mouth open when i realized that this is a good venue to thank God for HIS gracious provision. thank you for your encouragement again.

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