travel theme: circles


Oil and vinegar do not mix.

Randomly, my son splattered the vinegar on EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) producing these black circles mimicking alien bumps. Yet, when bread was dipped into it, the delicious harmony of oil and vinegar burst into a flavorful blend.

Similarly, my family when travelling is in the same mode. The difference in choices and wants is as far as the east is from the west, yet our circle of five is united into enjoying the perks of seeing new places, meeting people and sharing delightful experiences that add to the moments of meaningful family memories.

Circles, in this perspective, is shown literally and figuratively imbibed in the essence of my family.

Don’t be square! Join in the circles theme of Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge and spread the love a-round.


12 thoughts on “travel theme: circles

    1. hi Gene, thank you for the encouragement!

      and yes, as i told “starlight” … i might just concoct it for lunch and add a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and dip bread into it like anything!

  1. That was a great idea – I’d not thought of that even though I’ve certainly seen the oil and vinegar (um um good – balsamic vinegar!) act that way.

    I think your analogy to the family was even better yet. It’s just me and my husband at home these days but we still seem to travel differently more than I’d have expected.


    1. hi nancy, thank you for sparing a moment to share your thoughts.

      there are times when a photo seems to speak to us as we remember the incident that happened when it was taken, more so, when pondered deeper, it translates meaningful thoughts and learnings.

      i am sure despite the differences …. between the two of you, you both still manage to forge beautiful travel memories together. like it happens among the five of us πŸ˜‰


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