thought snippet eleven {fleeting}


Psalm 144, verse 4:

“Man is like a breath, his days are like a fleeting shadow.”

Thank you, my Lord for your reminder that my life is fleeting so that I should live it with meaning, purpose and worth. Please allow me to invoke this in my existence so that I will not waste away the precious moments you granted me. Let your sufficient grace make me do things that will bring joy to your heart rather than disappoint you with my choices of selfless pursuits and worthless values.

I hope to celebrate the abundance of your goodness and the joy of your righteousness more often in my life. So in the fleeting hallows of my time and existence, I can sing delightful praises that will merit a sweet smile on Your face and an imprint of love in Your compassionate heart.

Thank you, Lord, that even if my time is a fleeting shadow, You have filled my life with joy, hope and love embraced by the warm support of my family and friends whom You blessed me with. And in response, may I do the same for each of them.

Please let me dwell in the shadow of Your love, dear Lord … today and for always.


One thought on “thought snippet eleven {fleeting}

  1. This is beautiful, “Man is like a breath, his days are like a fleeting shadow.” Everyday is a day to celebrate. We tend to make excuses that life is hectic but life is about living, loving and even laughing. It is about doing what we were meant to do from the day we were born. To live a life worthy of God’s blessings. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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