humbly, thank you …

Last November was significantly a special month.   Not only did it entail a celebration of my 51st but it was filled with blessings beyond what I thought I would ever receive.

Bob’s retirement commenced on the 5th day and God had affixed HIS imprints on our journey in this new phase of our life together.  Despite my apprehensions when Bob confided this reality, impishly with his charm, rebuked me that we should be expectant of God’s plans for us.

Then, my attempts to write and glorify God and to capture what I thought were images of joy and shared them through a web blog started to gain glimpses from people who has continued to encourage me.  And every “like” and “comment” would tug at my heart as a glimmer of gracious appreciation that truly touches my being!  With that said I humbly thank every one of you who has done such affable deed to further inspire me.

Much to my delight, Gracie of Frames and Focus bestowed nominations on me which were such great pats on the back and I humbly thank her again.

Then, Sarah of a Diary of a House Elf  granted me another great favor by giving me the Beautiful Blogger Award adding more motivation and confidence to my endeavors.  I must apologize though for not immediately responding to her kindness, but with all of my heart, I humbly THANK YOU, Sarah.


Below are seven things about me that I am sharing so that the tradition of the awards will continue on.  Although I am quite timid to do as requested, I hope this translates the joy I am feeling at the moment.

  1.  I am first, a child of God.
  2.  My name is April, always Bob’s wife.
  3.  A mother of three beautiful “kids” (will always refer to them as such).
  4.  I am enjoying my REAL time with Bob, because for the past 28 years of our life together I had to share my time with him with work and office-related stuff … now I have his full attention!
  5.  I write from the heart … as God whispers and I listen.
  6.  I have my quirks; you can ask Bob about them 😉
  7.  Seeing the world is a passion which God has gifted me with opportunities to do and praying that He will allow me more!

Whew!  That was tough … but I hope you got to know me more!

I am choosing to pay the love forward by bestowing the same AWARD to these beautiful bloggers …

Gracie of Frames and Focus – witness the beauty of the world through her camera lens and be mesmerized

Mr. B of This Man’s Journey – experience the warmth and love of family life as he narrates beautiful moments with his wife and adorable son

Jun of Galang Pusa – marvel with him through his tales and live a life so surreal it will make you imagine beautiful images of world travel

Elizz of Sweet Painted Dreams – connect with her everyday journeys and see how simple moments are translated into extraordinary memories

Imelda of My Wall – delight in her passion for writing and photography

Daisy of A Daisy Garden – find joy in her being a wife, mother, friend and most especially as a beautiful child of God who serves HIM with her life

Rommel of MelGallegos Photography – experience everyday miracles with the beauty of his photography

The BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award has certain rules … please:

Display the award image on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State seven things about yourself.
Nominate seven other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.


7 thoughts on “humbly, thank you …

  1. My friend, indeed you have a beautiful blog full of heart and inspiration to give. You’d been a generous blogger friend in 2012 and I’m hoping 2013 will be even more amazing for all of us. Thanks for sharing the award. A great gift for a brand new year. God bless you always.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I never take kindness for granted… I so appreciated your nomination and your comment in your post above. Congratulations on your blog award! 🙂

    1. hi Daisy, thank you for your kindness as well! i hope that as sisters in Christ we can continue to share HIS love and Good News to the world through the gifts HE has bestowed on both of us bringing glory to HIM alone. have a blessed week ahead.

  3. What a lovely post, April. It’s so nice to get to know you better. My husband and I are in our (late) forties and are looking forward to his retirement in his mid-fifties. I can’t wait. I, like you, have had to share him for 25 years and am excited about the prospect of our life after work. Your blog inspires me. Thank you for sharing! xo

    1. hi Sarah, days with Bob 24/7 have been so worthwhile … there have been bleak moments, i must admit … but i never thought retirement will be this meaningful! we can share notes when you guys are in the same boat as we are 😉

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