gallery 31 {closed window}

This man threw his tackle into the ocean with a movement that was so precise, he knew exactly the timing and rhythm.  Then, almost immediately he sat down and waited, nervously cranking his rod impatiently.

Life is such.

We seem so sure about what we hurl into the truth of our existence guided by instincts, needs and wants.  Most times we become too eager and not wait in prayer or leading from God who is the sole sovereign authority of our life. When we wait and get disappointed as the lapse becomes an empty venue where worry and anxiety begin to take root, we jump at the first chance to take control.

We should just wait patiently for the Lord to work HIS grace into our lives, wherein our ultimate surrender becomes our statement of faith.

this is my entry for gallery 31 {closed window} of Bella’s 52 Photos Project


5 thoughts on “gallery 31 {closed window}

  1. I guess one of the reasons most of us have trouble waiting is because we think it’s sitting back and doing nothing. Just as you said, waiting on God must involve prayer & studying His Word (the Bible). Only then can we expect to hear from Him. Waiting is definitely not easy… but if we’re patient, we will be led.

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