love bites: just a little “loco” about “POCO”

We were in search of a delightful restaurant to treat our dear friends for the evening as we chanced upon this place when our tummies growled as it was way past lunch time.

POCO Deli has a distinct flair but not intimidating since it is in a friendly neighborhood of cozy eating places which serve good food.

Bob chose to have a bagel with a scrumptious tender meat filling topped with mozzarella cheese complemented with some deep-fried sweet potatoes that added crisp and texture to the entrée.  It was a delectable indulgence, as the meat was amply seasoned with the marinade of soya sauce and a tinge of sweetness spiced up with the distinct taste of pepper.

My share for lunch was a modest looking olive-oil based pasta with two unassuming Spanish sardines garnished with sliced black olives.  I had to request for parmesan cheese to highlight the taste which was quite meager in that sense.

The eatery displayed an extensive wine collection where connoisseurs can probably go frenzy with their smell and taste for pleasurable drinking sessions. Adjacent to where we were seated was a special nook set apart for quiet interludes for that purpose.

The lunch experience in the deli was one of pleasure, more so because it was fun to be with Bob … anytime and anywhere.


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