in love with memories: my stonehenge moment

The Stonehenge is a memorial of half truths.  Only because no one can really ascribe to how and why it is so.  Myths and legends abound on its existence but nothing as definite as God’s love is attributed to its reality.  Yet, the infamous landmark in the middle of Wiltshire countryside remains to be a spectacle of imagery and mind-boggling innuendos of fantasy.

As I got down the bus and almost blocking out Richard’s (our tour guide) adamant instruction to be mindful of time constraints, I walked the distance to the Stonehenge in a stupor.  My heart pumped blood that almost broke a dam of emotions, that the excitement sent chills to my already freezing body that was exposed to a winter afternoon.

Step by step and under the tunnel, I emerged with pure excitement on seeing the infamous rock formation, which I only read about then; and, in a snap ogling at its grandeur before me. I had to literally nudge myself and expect to be awakened from the dream; but alas, God’s grace and love was unfolding through the experience.

It appeared to be smaller in perspective as I imagined these rocks to be.  I could not stop myself from clicking  the shutters, freezing frame by frame every imaginable angle I can do so.  Even if the gloomy skies did not  give justice to the tone and color of the photographs, my heart was just so overwhelmed by the experience that I went through a frenzy nearly overloading my camera with Stonehenge euphoria.

The Stonehenge had its rock formed in a circular pattern with some in a post and lintel mode. One’s thoughts can’t fathom how anyone can drag these tons of massive structure onto a wasteland far from any quarry of the same deposit.  And even manage to pile them up and affix them in an orderly way without the use of any pulley or lever.  One can only surmise the makings of a “super human” character who carried the monoliths and transformed the site to what it is today.

However ingenious the mind plays around with ideas to give credence to this landmark, I firmly believe that it was only God who is the One true foundation who is able to make this possible. Having seen the Stonehenge in real life made my heart fill with insurmountable thanksgiving and awe for its Creator.  Yet, I know that this joy will pale in comparison when I finally see the “ROCK” of my life face to face — in a not too distant future in His own perfect time.


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