weekly image of life: create

There are times when we just have to CREATE something out of one thing in order to fulfill a need.  Here lies my people’s ingenuity, by God’s amazing grace happening at its finest.  We Filipinos are a resilient lot, perhaps a character never undermined by anyone in the world.  We are blessed as well as a CREATIVE people, and I continue to praise God for making us such.

Life’s challenges, however, great or small, allow the juices of genius be extracted to CREATE inspiration.

No spoon to scrape out the delicious coconut meat?  A tiny part of the husk was contoured to be used for this purpose.

Metal pails restored and made into watering implements … what a EUREKA moment!

And this bulky contraption just blew my mind!  This was used to flatten and make weaving rigid leaves into floor mats more pliable to handle.

There are more of these creative inventions made by my people which we saw as we went around the islands. And I praise God for HIS gift of  wisdom and grace!

be inspired by this man’s journey and CREATE!  join him in his weekly image of life challenge and be blessed …


4 thoughts on “weekly image of life: create

  1. “We are blessed as well as a CREATIVE people, and I continue to praise God for making us such.” This is why I will always cherish my Filipino heritage. I always appreciated our ingenuity and creative. To make something from what is around us. It’s how we are and how we survive the harsh trials of time. Beautiful and inspiring photos. I saw at CNN a Filipino who was able to create a light bulb using a plastic bottle and chlorinated water in poverty stricken areas for those who can not afford electricity. I’m both proud and humbled at the same time. God bless you and your family. Love the pics.

    1. hi Gracie, i am completely dumbfounded by the nomination but very joyful about it and i thank you for even considering me. this is my first ever and i am so grateful for your encouragement. Salamat!

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