love bites: lunch on a hill

we initially planned to share a light lunch of taco salad from the Pancake House. but as we reached Green Street which is a neat address where there are restaurant options on a hilly suburb north of Manila, I told Bob that I had a good taste of Stacy’s and if he wanted to try it with me this time.

as we entered the restaurant, Bob had a glint of delight reflecting his eyes as he browsed around the homey ambiance of the eatery. although quite feminine in décor, as pink accentuated the vintage motif, its whimsical thrust set a welcoming atmosphere tantalizing the palate with the sight!

the yummy appetizer of popcorn, marshmallows and chocolate pink pretzels, and the table set-up of fresh flowers, yellow polka-dotted table cloth and blue cup gave the setting a very cozy feel.

the ceasar salad dressing which was very light and creamy complimented the grilled chicken fillet; and the crisp greens truly made the whole salad experience delectable.

the grilled scampi on pasta with a twist of lemon, cooked in olive oil and garnished with basil leaves had all those burst of flavors melded together that made it one awesome dish.

the dessert display that whets the appetite for a sugar rush was a perfect complement for a scrumptious lunch! indeed, it was one great date again, and I am looking forward to yet another afternoon interlude with my Bob soon.


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