thought snippet seven {complete}

Why seek anything else when He is our sufficiency.  He is our first love.

Although we love with our heart, which is desperately sick, this volition tends to control our life.  Our self life competes with our God life.

God is complete.  And this equation is the truth. No one can add or subtract to this reality but accept it for what it is.

It is amazing to note that God doesn’t need us to love Him.  But then He desires and wants us to love Him because He gives us His blessings when we do so.  It is so inconceivable to understand this, but that is the plain truth. Despite us being undeserving, He manifests His faithfulness, His generosity, His love through our own commitment to be intimate with Him all the time.

He desires us to be satisfied in His presence and what good it will bring us.  The longing to fill the vacuum in our hearts will ultimately be consumed with our desire to be intimate with the Lord if and when He pervades our entire being.  Yet, most times we compromise our hearts to find fulfillment in the world; thus, forgetting that our God is complete.

The joy in His presence must become a way of life.  We must discipline ourselves to attach to God and detach from the world. In the process we will experience God’s sufficiency, extracting us from the pursuit of futility.

Take a moment, and be in His presence every time we feel lost and unloved.  Even in times of great joy, we must take heed, and remember who He is in our life.  Because being in His presence and in His completeness overshadow all things every day in every way.


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