nurture photography: red/foliage

i remember seeing the red vines in clutch,
its foliage hugging the home as such.
being amazed at the sight for the first time,
my mouth was agape as I glanced at its character sublime.

please be inspired by Kristi’s Live and Love out Loud and
Rebecca’s Bumbles & Light as they team up to bring us the
Nurture Photography Challenge for Fall.


6 thoughts on “nurture photography: red/foliage

  1. Beautiful poem that blends perfectly with the amazing red vines. I have not seen this before and it’s just a “wow” moment for me. Have a great week. Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. hi, IT! this was indeed the same moment for me … i am praying that Bob and I will be given a chance to travel again soon. thank you for taking time to drop by! i hope you’re safe from the storm, not sure where you guys live in the US … warm regards.

    1. hi Imelda, you are too kind. i try dabbling in poetry once in awhile, thank you for appreciating my effort. oh yes! this moment was a dream come true, being able to experience fall and seeing the colors thrive before my eyes! it was such a blessing — April

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