weekly photo challenge: foreign

The experience of France was as foreign as a dream.

Yet, Bob and I were gifted a privilege to fulfill this dream with a bonus of winter and snow! Hailing from a country steeped with sunshine and rain … touching snow, being in negative temperatures, layering clothes five times over were as foreign as can be. But I continue to thank God that the unfamiliar situations were welcomed moments of learning, discovering, and joy.

Share a picture which means FOREIGN to you! Β Be a part of the weekly photo challenge!


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: foreign

  1. What an exciting , romantic trip. Beautiful images that celebrates a place where dreams and romance are born. My friend went there this year and I saw the glow on their faces after the trip. I see the same spark in your post today.

  2. hi Jib, thank you for finding time to encourage me with your comments … i try to capture the beauty of my subjects in order to share the joy i find in them with others. and yes! you really live near the palace … wow! amazing neighborhood for you!

  3. Nice picture of “le chateau de Versaille”… As I am leaving quite close to it, it’s not too foreign for me, but it doesn’t matter and change anything about the fact that the composition is very good!
    Also, the old fashion filter that you used makes your picture timeless, which I really like πŸ™‚

    Good entry!

    Here is mine you wanna “jeter un oeil”!


  4. i love the perspective you have created here… yours is very different from how i saw Versailles during my trip. and i totally agree with you, the opportunity to visit places like this is indeed a blessing. πŸ™‚

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