love bites: pint-sized meals, big on heart

i would like to begin to share a little secret.

bob and i have been given more time to be together as we are expectantly waiting on the Lord. and we decided to give dating a chance. however, it will be simple lunch dates exploring little nooks of culinary delights.

these places may be far from where you are … you might need a plane ride then hop on other land mobiles to get you there. so I decided to share them with you, and maybe, virtually, you can taste with your sight and who knows maybe in a not so distant future any one of you may come and visit us in our islands …then, Bob and I can surely make you a part of our lunch dates!

my initial installment is our first date in a little Japanese restaurant aptly named: “CRAZY KATSU” which is serving as specialty the delicious deep fried pork cutlet drenched in flour and panko (flaky bread crumbs used in Japanese cuisine) named TONKATSU. however, as my tummy growled “hunger attack” I missed my chance at taking a photo of the golden nugget of  the delicious entree! but let me share its chicken counterpart.

the chicken katsu, as the server suggested, is their most ordered food on the menu, so we didn’t want not to be part of the crowd who did. bob loved it, and sweated quite a bit because it was a little hot but seasoned well with light sauce of soy mingled with a tinge of sweetness. the veggies added crisp and balanced the spicy flavor of the chilies.

we added soup to go with the viands and decided on sukiyaki.  it was a great blend of sweetness and saltiness, the perfect yolk added a light creaminess to the soup. the vermicelli noodles were perfectly soaked and cooked, and the meat was well seasoned, although i would have preferred a better cut of beef … tenderloin, perhaps?

the restaurant is minuscule, minimalist in decor yet cozy. But more importantly, the food is delicious without denting the pocket, and surely bob and I had a one scrumptious first date the second time around!

please indulge us and know more about our simple lunch dates, that is surely a big heart event for bob and me as we continue to wait and eat as God provides and surprises us more and more each day!


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