a ban on being abandoned …

As timidly in solitude or as stridently in unison, when we call on the Lord, we are certain that HE listens.  In prayer, we pour out our feelings, thoughts, requests, indecisions and even fear; and we know that HE hears.

However, backtrack to that moment when Jesus Himself called onto the Father and said in Matthew 27, verse 46, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken Me?” How can the Father abandon His Son who was in obedience to His will?  The reality of God’s silence rebukes my pain because now I know that God separated Himself from Jesus and the reason is basically me.  Because of my sin that has been imputed on the Lord Jesus, the Father did not want anything to do with His Son; thus, Jesus’ pleas fell on His Father’s deaf ears.

I turned Jesus into a mire of filth with my sinfulness. The darkness in the hour of His death signaled His Father’s abandonment of His only begotten Son.

Jesus’ state of impurity because of me caused His death on the cross and immediately my forgiveness.  Then, with this truth being real because of the Messiah’s obedience, today, I know that my Father in heaven hears me with a loving heart upon my acceptance of His Son’s accomplished feat.

With gratefulness, I thank Jesus that He allowed Himself to be abandoned in the most dreadful moment of His earthly life in order for me to be accepted into His Father’s family.  With my head held high, I know that if I call to God according to His will, He hears me with His heart and opens His wide arms allowing me to niche myself in them enjoying His glorious peace.

Yes, indeed, I was once abandoned in my ignorance of Jesus’ own neglected state when He took my sinfulness upon Himself. But as I understood and accepted why He had been in that moment, I now know that I am not abandoned anymore.


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