nurture photography: green/journey

i would like to share the beauty of nature during the fall, but where i hail from, we only have the dry and wet seasons.  but by God’s grace i was able to be in it twice the past two years and they were glorious experiences.  but i would save what little treasures i have of them and share them with you for the next prompts.  meanwhile, the photos i took for this week were taken recently that speak of the journey i am going through which i hope you would take with me.

life is a journey.


it has its highs and lows but the constant is God’s amazing love and grace that make the steps we take steadfast in HIM alone. 

maybe there are times when we take control, our weakness creep in and swallows us into forgetting His track record in our lives. but we must remember that His strength can envelop us to get us through.

we should be reminded always in Psalm 1, verse 3 that the one who delights in the Lord “will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water; which yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers.”

even in the season of fall in our lives when it is dreary and seemingly hopeless, we shall look forward to the promise of spring which is an instant as soon as we accept God’s sovereignty in our lives.

may we humbly walk the path following in His footsteps in finishing the journey and be changed into His likeness.

please be inspired by Kristi’s Live and Love out Loud and Rebecca’s Bumbles & Light as they team up to bring us the Nurture Photography Challenge for Fall.


3 thoughts on “nurture photography: green/journey

    1. hi there, i needed to share that verse, as it is pacifying my heart right now! thank you for visiting and encouraging me!

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