thought snippet four {flighty}

Many times we just like to evade, turn our backs and appear unaffected by realities that challenge our comfort, our well being and even our faith. Furthermore, we delight in the struggle, on one hand, confronting truth and doing something about it; and on the other, escaping reality and walking away.

When this happens, let us be reminded that God’s purpose is to return us to His fold, to harness us back to His will and to let us stay in His loving arms for always. In our imperfect moments when we realize that we want to run away and fly from the hutch of God’s love and obey our sinful bent … let us be reminded that each of us is a chosen being, molded in the image of Christ, reshaped in the love of God; thus, our flights must lead one way home … only towards our Father, forever.


2 thoughts on “thought snippet four {flighty}

  1. hi there, yes, indeed … remembrance! it is exactly why i wrote this, i tend to forget, i tend to be flighty, but i know HE is faithful to receive me back … always. thank you also for visiting me here. have a great weekend!

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